Rugger, Mods vs Rockers, snowfalls, and silence – my weekend review….

As weekends go, mine was a good one.

It started on Saturday with the promise of Six Nations Rugby. I always love this time of year, when fans of Premiership and Celtic League clubs set aside their rivalry to cheer on their country against a common foe, and when comrades at arms become bitter enemies for eighty minutes.

The games went pretty much according to plan – France were nervy but comfortable winners against the Italians, England and Scotland produced the usual closely fought, attritional Calcutta Cup game settled by a single try(thankfully in England’s favour) and Wales pipped Ireland in a great game that swung between the two teams more than once.

Then it was off to Cookham for the evening’s gig: a ‘mods and rockers’ night. Due to the theme, we’d had to learn something like 70% of the songs just for this gig. We gave the mods some Kinks (You Really Got Me, Lola), some Small Faces (Ichycoo Park, Lazy Sunday Afternoon) some Who (Pinball Wizard, Substitute) some Beatles (Eight Days A Week, Back In The USSR). For the Rockers, we threw out Quo’s Down Down, Eddie Cochran’s C’Mon Everybody, Oh Boy by Buddy Holly, Stray Cat Strut, Summer of ’69, and loads of others. We mixed in some new stuff alongside the 50s/60s material, added some Monkees tracks to the mix, and generally had a great time. When we finished, we realised that during the gig, around four inches of snow had fallen outside, so the drive home at 1am was a little interesting……

The next day, all was peaceful in our house. The kids were off playing at a friends house, and so we had the luxury of a quiet, and yes, a ‘Lazy Sunday Afternoon’, in front of the telly.

I finally got round to watching Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, and thought it was pretty good – a fairly typical Tim Burton exercise with Messrs Depp and Bonham-Carter voicing the main roles, but the animation was well done with a sharp contrast between the drab, monochrome world ‘upstairs’ and the colourful, vibrant Land of the Dead.

That and the afore-mentioned Ireland Wales match saw us through to 4:30, at which point out peace stopped and normal, noisy life resumed with the girl’s return.

All in all, a good weekend, over too soon…..


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