Big announcement!

OK, a couple of big announcements….

Firstly of all, anybody who is in the vicinity of Binfield on Friday night, come down to The Victoria Arms, where my band RISER are playing. Have a beer or three and listen to some great rock music. Oh, and then come say hello.

Secondly, and clearly of more momentous importance, I am about to formally embark on the road to digital literary publication! 

Yes, dear readers and…. yes, I feel I must say it… friends: I have decided that 2013 is the year I am going to write and publish my Grand Opus. There are a few little details to work out, such as title, topic, characters and the words, but I’m posting this notice as a marker, and so that you can hold me to it. It’ll be pushed out onto an unsuspecting world for minimal fiscal outlay via whatever Kindle markets I can access, and so this is also (sneak, sneak) an advance request for your pennies! 

OK, off now, but remember – pub on friday, book next year!


2 thoughts on “Big announcement!

    1. Cheers Jeremy. Shame about the gig but we’re seeing enough of each other at present anyway, mate!

      Had a good night yesterday getting the direction and initial stuff down – I somehow just started writing about me, and so my current thoughts are heading towards something kind of autobiographical, at least to get me into the habit of spending set times writing.

      Even if the book ends up being completely different from this, I’ll still post / publish what I have done, so look forward to my life growing up in the sixties, seventies and eighties under the title “Diary Of A Shrimpy Kid”…..

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