About riserdrummer

About me:

Frustrated drummer, too old and fiscally commited to jack it all in and live for the music, too sensible to ignore the dictates and constraints of that first clause, and too middle class to step outside of the box that often. But still the dream survives……

I love football, friends, family, in whatever order takes your fancy. I’m also one of the most worldly and un-theological Christian men you could meet, who would much rather discuss Joey Barton’s latest twitter debacle than the Bible, but hopefully will leave you wondering……

Big 80s movie and music fan, with a notable exception: Men At Work’s Down Under is the worst song ever written (or even the worst song ever plagiarised!)

To catch some of my many movie reviews and stuff posted all over the Internet, go see my other blog at http://allmyreviewsinoneplace.wordpress.com/


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